Teaching methodology


Natural and artificial environment

It is common knowledge that the fastest way to absorb a foreign language is in its natural environment. When you find yourself surrounded by people who do not understand your mother tongue, it forces you out of your comfort zone and activates your survival instinct. Inadvertently you start memorising first words and then language structures required for successful communication (introductions, meeting people, asking for help or buying food, etc.)
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Tailored programs and personalized methods

Tailored programs and personalized methods designed on the basis of your preferences and current language proficiency will help you master any language. At our school, teachers develop individual programs for every student. These programs primarily depend on your current depth and level of knowledge but also on the specific learning targets discussed during an introductory class. The program may be adjusted along the way upon student’s request or dependent on the pace of learning and acquisition of material, or for any other individual reasons. Pursuant to international standards in the area of language study, every course is designed to develop four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. At every level, the teacher duly emphasizes this or that language skill dependent on how quickly a student absorbs new material and puts the acquired knowledge into practice.
What we ask from you is time, interest and willingness, for our part, we will show you that professionalism, experience and dedication to what we do produce excellent results.
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Leaving your comfort zone

If you don’t have a chance to learn a foreign language in its natural environment, you can create the language environment artificially: by listening to music, news and entire programs in this language and repeating words and phrases in front of the mirror; by reading books, newspapers and magazines jotting down useful expressions and complete phrases, taking notes and composing “memory cards” with useful words and expressions, by literally surrounding yourself with the language you want to learn. This is exactly why the method of learning a foreign language using this language alone proves much more effective. If the teacher uses your native language during lessons, this way or another you will count on him or her to understand you thus keeping you within your comfort zone. This will slow the learning process down, the results will leave much to be desired and you will lack confidence speaking the language you are learning. Our experienced teachers, qualified philologists and training specialists will help you speak your target language earlier than you expected.

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Language levels

At our school, all courses are fully compliant with Common European Framework of Reference, CEFR. According to this system, all levels are divided into the following subgroups:
A1 - Breakthrought
At this level, the student will learn to understand individual words and expressions when they are pronounced in a slow and articulate manner and communicate independently in the most common situations, for example, when meeting people and introducing each other, giving a brief description of the place of residence or where they are at the moment, answering simple questions about family, friends, work or hobbies.
A2 - Waystage
After this level, the student will learn to understand individual simple sentences with common phrases, independently answer questions and respond to requests in daily situations, for example, apply acquired knowledge when buying goods at supermarkets, getting around an unfamiliar city and briefly describing their everyday life.
B1 - Threshold
Mastery of this level gives relative independence of communication on subjects of work and studies in the country where the target language is widely used. The student will be able to express their thoughts orally and in writing in a simple manner, explain and support their opinions of a subject of a broad theme.
B2 - Vantage
At В2 level, the student will become capable of expressing their thoughts on a specific subject fluently and in detail, supporting their opinions with examples, understanding the content of complicated topical and literary texts, understanding the speech of native speakers in typical situations, as well comprehending radio programs and interviews and writing detailed and readily understandable texts on a broad range of subjects.
C1 - Effective operational proficiency
At this level, the student is able to express their opinion on an arbitrary topic fluently and spontaneously making use of complex grammar structures and synonyms, read original texts in English and understand contents, maintain business correspondence, communicate in the professional domain, competently write articles and compositions on any given subject.
C2 - Mastery
Mastery of С2 level means ability to spontaneously and without any preparation communicate on any topic, even a narrowly specialized one, for example in the field of medicine or law, effortlessly read any text be it a piece of fiction or a popular scientific article, express their thoughts in writing freely on a given subject using advanced grammar structures and stylistically rich vocabulary.