Foreign Language Lessons


Sole Trader ‘VANJA MIHALEVIČ PR UČENJE JEZIKA I ČASOVI KONVERZACIJE VALESCO CENTAR STRANIH JEZIKA NOVI SAD’, hereinafter referred to as the Provider, offers the services of organizing foreign language training in the amount, under the conditions and in the manner set out hereunder.


User – any natural or legal person requiring foreign language lessons.
Contracting Parties – the Provider and the User jointly.
Lessons – online services rendered by the Provider to the User.
Course — a set of lessons selected by the User, i.e. 5, 10, 20 or 40 lessons.
Trainer — the person training the User.
Website —
System – the built-in electronic service located on the website, used for payment operations.


The scope of this Contract is to provide the paid service of individual training of the User in the foreign language specified on the website: Training shall be provided online by using software solutions such as the Skype application, etc.


3.1. “Foreign language lessons” constitutes a public offer in line with the legislation of the Republic of Serbia. The wording of the Contract-Offer is posted on the Provider’s website:
3.2. The first payment for lessons via a non-cash transfer to the Provider’s account through the built-in payment system shall constitute the User’s acceptance (acceptance of the offer to conclude a contract).
The person who paid for the lessons, i.e. the bank card holder, shall be considered to be the person who registered on the Website, i.e. the User.
The User shall be entitled to conclude a contract for the benefit of a third party. In this case, after accepting this contract, the User shall ensure access to the Website to such person so that they could participate in training without the Provider giving any special permissions for that. The User alone shall be responsible for giving third parties access to the Lessons paid by the User, as well as for the use thereof and for the performance of other actions available to the User. In this case, the User’s rights and obligations under the Contract shall also be transferred to a third party.
Our services shall be used by persons aged over 18. Minors shall be allowed to use our Services only via an account held by the parent or legal guardian with an appropriate permission and with their direct supervision. The parent (guardian) shall be responsible for any actions performed by the minor on behalf of their parent on the user account with regard to the service in question.
3.3. The User’s acceptance of this Contract means that they fully agree with all the provisions thereof.
3.4. This contract shall be considered concluded as of the time of acceptance thereof. During the term of the contract, the User may be sent notifications to the e-mail address given when completing the order for paying the Lessons via the Website.
3.5. This Contract shall be effective from the time of its conclusion to such time when the contracting parties have fulfilled their obligations, unless otherwise specified under this contract and the legislation of the Republic of Serbia.
3.6. The Provider shall be entitled to unilaterally amend the Contract, of which the User shall be deemed properly notified as of the time when the latest amended version of the Contract is posted on the Provider’s website. These modifications shall not have a retroactive effect and shall not affect the services paid before they were carried out.


4.1. Provider’s obligations:

The Provider shall be under an obligation to provide the following services to the User hereunder:
4.1.1. Provide the User’s training in the foreign language specified on the Provider’s Website in accordance with the selected course within the scope and time limits agreed by the contracting parties.
4.1.2. Provide the User with reliable information by posting on the Provider’s website the information relating to the types of services, the way in which these are provided, the payment terms and other information required for the execution hereof.
4.1.3. Ensure the confidentiality of information given by the User unless it is required to provide third parties with access to such information in order to provide the services hereunder or in cases provided by law.
4.1.4. Timely inform the User of any changes that require additional coordination and approval by sending a notification to the User’s e-mail address given when completing the order for paying the Lessons via the Website.
4.1.5. Maintain the Provider’s Website or have it maintained and rebuilt by hiring third parties at its own expense, update the website with all required information, including advertisements.
4.1.6. Provide access to the System and its proper and continuous functioning so the User could pay for the course selected.
4.1.7. Collect money for the training given within the scope and in the manner planned for the course selected in accordance with this offer.

4.2. User’s obligations:

4.2.1. Timely begin online training and attend foreign language lessons by using the Internet, the Skype application or similar applications as per the timetable established.
4.2.2. Pay the Provider for the services ordered in the amount and manner and within the time limit specified hereunder.
4.2.3. Do the individual lesson preparation work assigned by the Provider’s teacher.
4.2.4. Ensure smooth receipt of messages and notifications via the e-mail address given when completing the order on the website to be able to get information from the Provider.
4.2.5. Observe academic discipline, accept general standards of conduct and especially show respect to the Provider’s teaching and other staff.
4.2.6. Not to distribute (publish, post on websites, copy, disclose or resell to third parties) for commercial or other purposes the information and material provided to the User by the Provider hereunder, not to create information products on the basis thereof and not to use this information in any other way save for personal use.


5.1. During a paid training course, the User shall be entitled to cancel two lessons at a maximum and inform the Provider thereof by e-mail 24 hours before the beginning of the lesson. The lessons cancelled by the User 24 hours before their beginning shall be arranged upon completion of the training course at a time agreed with the Provider.
5.2. The Provider shall be entitled to cancel a lesson/lessons for justifiable reasons or due to force majeure, of which the User shall be timely informed via the e-mail address that the User has provided when entering lesson payment information. The User shall have the lessons cancelled by the Provider upon completion of the paid course at a time agreed with the Provider.
5.3. If the User is late for a lesson, it will not be extended. A lesson shall only be extended if the Trainer is late for it.


6.1. As part of these services, the Provider shall do the following:
- Post the lesson price information on the website;
- Collect money for the lessons via various built-in non-cash payment instruments using a banking transaction or in any other way.
6.2. The parties agree that the prices posted by the Provider on its website shall be agreed by both contracting parties.
6.3. Payment shall be made in the form of advance payment for the total amount due for the selected set of lessons. If all lessons in a set paid by the User have already been given and there is a need for a number of additional lessons, the User is obliged to pay for these no later than 24 hours before the beginning of the planned additional lessons.
6.4. The Provider shall be entitled to unilaterally change the price of lessons for the next (still unpaid) training course if the Provider has informed the User thereof three days before the planned change in the price of the lessons by e-mail.
6.5. After the User has paid for the lessons, the Provider will be obliged to confirm the receipt of money through the website and by e-mail.


7.1. The parties shall be liable for failure to fulfil or for improper fulfilment of their obligations hereunder in accordance with the provisions of this Contract and laws of the Republic of Serbia.
7.2. The parties shall not be liable for full or partial fulfilment of their obligations hereunder if these are the result of force majeure or more specifically: strikes, natural disasters, weather conditions having a direct effect on the functioning of the Service, military operations, decrees by government authorities that have a direct effect on the performance hereof, terrorist acts or a threat thereof, imposition of new taxes or charges or increase in the existing tax rates, as well as sharp exchange rate fluctuations and other similar circumstances.
7.3. All disagreements and disputes between the contracting parties in connection with the contract shall be resolved amicably by way of negotiation. The party whose right has been violated shall submit a written complaint to the other party by e-mail. If the party who has submitted a complaint has not received a response within 15 calendar days or if the parties have not reached any agreement within 15 days as of the receipt of the first response, the party whose right has been violated shall be entitled to contact the competent authority: the Commercial Court in Novi Sad (Republic of Serbia) in the manner specified by the legislation of Serbia.


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